Kotara South Public School

Strive to Achieve

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Our vision

Kotara South Public School inspires today's students to pursue excellence as they embrace the possibilities and changes of tomorrow. By providing a quality education in a safe and supportive environment, students are empowered to become valued independent members of society.

Our vision is to:

"Create opportunities for our students to become successful learners; confident and creative individuals; and active and informed citizens".

This vision is directly aligned with the Melbourne Declaration (2008) which provides insight for our students to 2020 and beyond. It underpins the Public Schools NSW Strategic Directions. Our aim is to maximise student learning by focusing on students - nurturing, guiding, inspiring and challenging them each day. We will take students on a journey providing rich learning experiences in which they will be actively engaged. 

Our vision is further underpinned by our 5 core "You can do it" values:

Resilience - Persistence - Organisation - Confidence - Getting along

We want every student in our care to be actively engaged in meaningful, challenging and future-focused learning experiences to achieve and thrive as learners, leaders and responsible, productive global citizens.