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Hearing support unit (HSU)

The Hearing Support Unit (HSU) is located within the grounds of Kotara South Public School. The school is set in large, grassy grounds and offers many quality programs all of which offer excellent opportunities to children attending the HSU.

The HSU offers the following advantages for your hearing impaired child:

  • Individual communication methods can be accommodated. We can provide signing, oral or total communication, all delivered by experienced staff in a small class environment
  • Even though total communication is used there are lots of oral only sessions to reflect the increasing number of students with cochlear implants and the aim of providing all children the best possible assimilation into mainstream society
  • Because the unit is located within a mainstream school, all children are integrated for Sport, Performing Arts, Assemblies etc.
  • Children can also be integrated into their age appropriate classes for set lessons. Their ability to cope with this can easily be increased or decreased based on the assessments of both the classroom and HSU teacher.
  • If children demonstrate they are succeeding in a mainstream setting, further options can be investigated, always with the knowledge and support of the unit located on the premises
  • Within the unit, children are provided with excellent staff/student ratios, experienced teachers and teacher's aides
  • The unit follows the standard curriculum of all six KLAs. A stronger emphasis is placed on language activities and learning to listen skills – something that is not possible within a mainstream class. The development of such skills is of great importance as children progress to integration in busy mainstream settings.
  • With the smaller class size and experienced specialist staff, more individual work opportunities are possible.
  • The school, including the HSU, participate in the Essential Moves Program which has demonstrated excellent results in developing students' skills in all aspects of their life. The program focuses on developing fine and gross motor skills together with increased awareness of all senses.
  • The HSU is not necessarily a permanent placement for your child. This class may be a great transition for your child as he/she strives to develop the speech and language skills necessary to confidently participate in a mainstream setting.
  • To gain further information on student eligibility please contact the school on 4957 5319