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School Snapshot

Kotara South Public School Snapshot

This page provides a quick reference for key information about Kotara South Public School.

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School Terms

Visit the Calendars page of the NSW Department of Educations website for the NSW Public School Term Date Calendar.

School Day Routine

The following is an example of a typical school day. This routine may vary, especially on days when other activities are planned (i.e. sport, assembly, or Education Week).

School Uniform

The school colours are gold and royal blue. The uniform is mainly unisex items, to promote equality between girls and boys and includes gold polo shirt, royal blue shorts/skorts and hat for sun protection. Please mark all belongings with your child’s full name and make every effort to see that your child is dressed in the correct school uniform.

The Uniform Shop is operated by the P&C on a voluntary basis.  It is located next to the Canteen window, inside the Canteen building. The days and times of operation are advertised via the SkoolBag app and the KSPS P&C Facebook page.  The Uniform Order Form is located in Notes & forms or Uniform Shop.  The Uniform Shop is now accepting Visa and MasterCard payments (additional charges apply) and also accepts cash. There is small selection of second hand clothes for purchase as well.

Visit Uniform Information under Parent Information for more information about the school uniform and uniform shop.


The Kotara South Public School canteen is operated by the P&C. It is open 5 days a week, providing lunch service from of 11:00 to 11:55am. There is no service for recess, although recess items can be purchased during lunch service.

Visit Canteen under Parent Information for more information about our Canteen.

Lunch Ordering Process

  • Lunch orders can be placed on the QKR app by 8:50am each morning or at the canteen by 9:00am.
  • Orders placed at the canteen should be written on a paper bag (Canteen sells bags, if necessary) including the students name, class, items with price being ordered and place the money inside the bag.
  • Correct change is recommended. If not possible, then change will be taped to the outside of the bag.
  • Lunch orders are delivered to the classrooms at 11:00am.