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Externally Funded Service Providers (NDIS)

Procedures for External Service Providers

The NSW Department of Education and the National Disability Insurance Agency recommend that therapy services for children’s disability needs are best delivered outside of school time.  This allows the school to focus on teaching your child and all other students and ensures your child does not miss out on important learning time.

The school principal will determine if support is appropriate during school hours based on the following criteria;

  • The best educational interests of the student,
  • The school’s duty of care towards all staff and students, and
  • The operational needs of the school
  • Equity of service to students

The Principal has the discretion to grant or not grant school access to an external provider.

How to request the service for your child provided at school

External Provider Process Document

If permission is obtained, External providers need to submit the following paper work via email at the start of each year;

  • Proof of Identity – photo ID
  • WWCC and WWCC Declaration
  • Mandatory Child Protection Training (External providers need to register as a community member on MyPL and create a login ID and password to access training)
  • Business credentials and insurances
  • NDIS Registration
  • An Engagement Agreement for each child

Ongoing Role of Parents/ Guardians

  • Advise the therapy provider on the agreed times and any other conditions. This information will be included in the written agreement with the school.
  • Advise the therapy provider as soon as possible if your child is absent from school on a day on which the provider is supposed to go to the school.
  •  Advise the service provider if other activities at school mean that therapy cannot take place. For example, when sports carnivals, excursions, or special events or assemblies are scheduled.
  • Advise the school if you stop using the service or change providers.
  • Liaise with school staff to review your child's personalised learning and support plan and talk about how the service is progressing.