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Scripture & Ethics

As a secular school, we welcome families of all backgrounds and beliefs, working and playing together in harmony. Under the Education Act of 1990, students are able to participate in either Special Religious Education or Special Education in Ethics.

Special Religious Education (SRE)

At KSPS, Combined Christian SRE is on Thursdays 2.25 – 2.55pm and is delivered by authorised and trained representatives of approved religious groups. A KSPS teacher is present at all our SRE classes.

The GodSpace curriculum investigates the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Bible in an interesting and age-appropriate way, helping students to question, explore and discover faith and how it can enrich life.  

Special Education in Ethics (SEE)

Ethics Classes offer students who opt out of SRE a chance to participate in discussions on age appropriate philosophical matters.  Classes are delivered by teachers trained by Primary Ethics and follow a specific curriculum.  SEE takes place at the same times as SRE and a KSPS teacher is present. For more information on ethics classes see:  http://www.primaryethics.com.au/

Students who are opted out of Scripture but not enrolled in Ethics classes will attend Non-Scripture where they will be supervised in an area separate to SRE/SEE.  Students have the option to read, do private study or complete homework.  No lessons will be provided.

Parents may change their child's SRE/SEE selection in writing at any time during the school year.

Currently SRE and SEE classes take place on Tuesday afternoons.